Coaching for Dark Times

Great Coaching for Dark Times

It sure seems like there is a lot of darkness in our world and in local communities.  When we view TV news or on the Internet, watch much of the entertainment from Hollywood, and even consider many of the stories that take place in our local communities, there seems to be a prevalence of darkness – of the deviant or perverted side of human beings.  Clearly there is a lot of good in our lives as well, it just seems like that is not what we see or hear a lot about.

The book of Colossians talks about this dark nature and gives us some direction on how to combat it in our own lives as well as in our community and in our world.

Consider joining us at Pleasant Chapel as we explore this for the next few weeks.

Sep 30

Oct 7

Oct 14 – Rally Day

Oct 21 – Larry Schuh – The Wisdom of James


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