About Us

Core Beliefs

A little bit about us and this place

The focus of this place and the intention of what we do is to worship and praise God.  We come here to hear and learn about him from the Bible, sing about him and to him in music, and enjoy the rich fellowship of other followers as we journey together.

Pleasant Chapel Community Church is people who are finding repurposed life in following Jesus Christ. We are responding to his forgiveness, mercy, and grace as we work to fulfill His command to build his kingdom by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Pleasant Chapel Community Church seeks to provide a place where all are welcome to connect with God by exploring faith and growing in their relationship with Jesus. We provide opportunities for people to worship and be in fellowship with other followers, support one another in life, help those in our communities who are in need, and share the Good News of Jesus with others.

Some things you will see in the building and during worship services

The current structure was built in 1910 as a United Brethren Church, later to become Evangelical United Brethren, and finally a United Methodist Church.  In 2021 Pleasant Chapel became an independent, non-denominational church with a new name Pleasant Chapel Community Church.

Most of what you see in the church is original and has been preserved to maintain the rich heritage of what the founders sought as a means to glorify God in structure and service.  

As you come in to the sanctuary, you are drawn in and up.  Central to this church is the cross.  All of the pews align with the cross indicating that we are focused on Jesus Christ and the accomplished work he did on the cross.  Who we pray to, who we sing to, who we talk about and think about is God as he is made known through Jesus Christ.20161015_153759

Clearly one of the outstanding features of PC is the stained glass.  Much of these windows were designed with meaning that help teach the story of God and his love for people.  For example, the large window on the south of the sanctuary is Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd as found in the stories in John 10 and Psalm 23.

img_0624The large window on the east wall is modeled after a painting entitled The Rock of Ages. The woman is struggling after being shipwrecked and clings to the cross symbolizing for us that the cross is what we cling to during our lives including our storms.

Many of the other windows help tell the stories of the Bible as well as other symbolic things in the building such as Greek letters, candles, and colors.  All of these help to create an environment that is special or holy where we can honor God.

About the worship style

img_0649-2Our service style may be described as “traditional” in the sense that our order of worship is closely modeled to the same style that has been done for decades.  Music style and worship style is simply a matter of preference.  We enjoy connecting with our rich heritage of believers that sang the same songs and worshipped the same way we do.  There are times where we stand, times where we sit, times where we read together, times to sing, times to pray, and times to listen.  And times we simply mess up and stand or sit at the wrong time.  No biggy!  Hopefully your bulletin will help you follow along to what we are doing.

Regardless of the style of worship, it is our desire to create a space and time that helps people connect with God.

It is our hope and prayer that anyone who comes to Pleasant Chapel will feel Christ’s life-changing power, hear God’s Word, and see real purpose and meaning for their lives as well as for the lives of all people.

The general message is one that is about Truth, a Truth that originates with God yet has such great relevance for our lives today.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide the opportunity where God will change us, and change the world through us. We hope you will feel welcome in joining us to do just that.

Got questions? Please contact us if you have questions regarding our church or if you would like to meet with one of the leaders of Pleasant Chapel.