Adam Hamilton’s book Faithful – Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph will be used as a key source for this advent season’s sermon series.  The familiar Christmas story when viewed from Joseph’s perspective brings us some new insight into our understanding of God.  Why would God choose this man to bring up the boy Jesus?  What would have Jesus learned from this humble carpenter that would influence him as a man?  Come join us as we celebrate the birth of the Christ!

Nov 26 – Advent: Looking back, looking forward, looking inward, upward, and outward.

Dec 3 – Advent Week #1

Dec 10 – Advent Week #2

Dec 17 – Advent Week #3
I forgot to press record!  My notes are here for this week.  And I refer extensively to some thoughts my son-in-law Matt DeLong shared. His doc is here and well worth the read.

Dec 23 – Christmas Eve’s Eve service (7 pm)

Dec 24 – Advent Week #4
Maddie Hicks – Noel 


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