Jesus According to John

Jesus According to John – 

The Gospel of John no doubt has a uniqueness that sets it apart from the other gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  Especially in John, familiar passages when re-read often present a newness to the reader that allows Jesus to be revealed more clearly.  Please join us in  coming to know Him more fully as we explore Jesus according to the “disciple whom Jesus loved” – John.

July 30 – He knew you before, he knows you know and he still loves you!

Aug 6 – Light and Life (part 1)

Aug 13 – Light and Life (part 2)

Aug 20 – John 3:16 What’s the big deal? (part 1)

Aug 27 – John 3:16 What’s the big deal? (part 2)   (video)

Sep 3 – Water to Wine 

Sep 17 – Storm Sandwich: The miracles of feeding 5000 and walking on water

Oct 1 – Stinky Man

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