The Shack

Pleasant Chapel will have a special series based upon the movie and book The Shack.  The sermon series will begin Sunday March 12th and continue through April 9th.  There are several copies of the book in the church if you would like to borrow one to read.  The movie premieres March 3rd and show times and locations are listed below.

I think it would be great to get groups together to go see the movie.  I think also this is a wonderful opportunity to invite friends to the movie and then to church for this series.



Mar 12 Where Is God When I Need Him the Most?
Mar 19 How Does God See Me?
Mar 26 Trusting God’s Promise
Apr 2  How Can I Know the Heart of the Father?
Apr 9  So You Just Let Him Get Away with It? (sorry, Joel messed up the audio)

The trailer can be viewed here.

April 16 Easter Message (another botched audio by Joel!)
April 23 What is Baptism and Membership all about?

Daily Bible Series


Several at Pleasant Chapel have committed to reading this book in 2017.  That is very exciting!  We are going to use the scheduled reading as a guide for the next few Sunday messages.  The over-all theme is “Developing a People”. We will begin as Genesis comes to a close and then follow along with the story of Israel as she grows into the nation God has called her to be.

Jan 22 – Kind of a Dysfunctional Family
Jan 29 – Egypt’s Exit
Feb 5  –  How shall we worship
Feb 12 – Journey: Faith or Fear?
Feb 19 – Moses’ Farewell Tour
Feb 26 – Feasts and Offerings
Mar 5 – Cursed Bodies on a tree and Lent


Creeds, Confessions, Affirmations. Churches for years have recited creeds and other declarations of faith as part of their practice of worship.
Many have memorized creeds as part of a confirmation class or membership class. What are these creeds, where did they come from and what does this have to do with what “I believe”? Let’s take a
few weeks and talk just about that! We will revisit creeds Jan 8 and Jan 15 – believe me! Hope to see you there.

Chronological Daily Bible


Need a gift idea? Maybe a new year’s resolution idea? This Bible is arranged chronologically and is divided into 365 segments to complete in one year. Being chronological (the order of the traditional Bible skips around in time) helps in understanding and reveals more of the big picture of Scripture.
This would be great for individual reading or could be used for a small group.

I’ve led several small groups through this year study (meeting once a week) and it was a great experience. Think about this: you could use this, read about 20 min. per day and in a year you could say you have read the entire Bible!

Amazon has them for around $22.

Author: F. LaGard Smith
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers; 7.2.2012 edition (August 1, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0736944311
ISBN-13: 978-0736944311

Great Week

This was a pretty special week at Pleasant Chapel. Rally Day last Sunday, Soup Supper Saturday, and a bunch of youth at Church this Sunday. Heard a lot of nice comments from people about how “special” this place is. It’s great to see God at work!