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ByJoel Yeager

Worship Service Messages

August 2, 2020 Message

July 26, 2020 Message

July 19, 2020 Message

July 12 Message

July 5 Message

June 28 Message

June 21 Message

June 14 Message

June 7 Message

May 31 Message

May 24 Message

May 17 Message

Worship May 3

Apr 26 Worship Service

Apr 19 Worship Service

Our Sunday discussions during the season of Lent will take a progressive (not the politically slanting of that word) look at the last few days of Jesus earthly ministry. Each week will hopefully bring fresh insight to some of the familiar passages during the Passion Week including, the raising of Lazarus, the New Mandate, the prayer in the garden, the arrest and crucifixion and the Resurrection. Hope to see you and bring a friend!

Apr 12 Easter Service

Apr 10 Good Friday

Apr 5 Worship Service

Grab your Bible and gather the family and let us worship together!

Mar 29 Worship Service

Welcome all to worship service from Pleasant Chapel (actually from Joel’s house to your house). Gather the family as we socially but worshipfully keep our distance. If you have the YouTube App on your television (I said YoutubeTV incorrectly last week), you can find this by searching my name.

Mar 22 Worship Service

Below is a link to this week’s service. It is my hope you and your family will find some time this evening or tomorrow to worship through this. If you have access to YouTube TV, you can search my name there and find the service (on your TV may be a better experience). The service can also be accessed through Facebook.

Mar 15 – Worship Service

* Soup Supper for March 21 is POSTPONED.
* Seniors and anyone with flu-like or cold-like symptoms are encouraged to not attend church services.

Prayer Time
As you take time to worship away from church, consider some things to pray about:
* Take time to marvel at the wonder of God
* Thank him for loving you and seeking you out
* Thank him for your family and friends who surround you
* Thank him for your job, your school, or your current position in life
* Pray for this church
* Pray for protection and a speedy end to the current virus threat
* Pray for our leaders in decision making positions
* Pray for someone in our congregation
* Pray for our youth

Worship through Music
*There is a song that is I can’t listen to enough. It is a song of praise that progresses through worshiping God through his power. The message is that if ” If creation sings Your praises so will I”, ” If it all reveals Your nature so will I “, ” If creation still obeys You so will I “, ” If the wind goes where You send it so will I, If the rocks cry out in silence so will I, If the sum of all our praises still falls shy, Then we’ll sing again a hundred billion times.” The song shifts and talks about the “God of Salvation” The song goes, ” And as You speak A hundred billion failures disappear.” And there it is! That is the message for us. By his word and work our failures disappear. Listen to the song here.


Mar 1 – Lent as a season of Renewal

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Jim and Barb BowmanPosted on8:53 pm - Mar 21, 2020

To all our pleasent chapel family stay safe and healthy.
Thank you Joel for allowing us to be together, even though we are appart.
Jim and Barb Bowman

John RogersPosted on8:50 am - Mar 22, 2020

Listened to your sermon. Thank you!
John Rogers and family

Jim and Barb BowmanPosted on11:09 am - Mar 29, 2020

Thank you Joel
You lift up our spirits with your messages, keeping us together while we are all apart.
We enjoy your sermons each week.
To all our pleasent chapel family stay safe and healthy untill we meet again in the church!
Jim and Barb Bowman

Claudia ThompsonPosted on2:59 pm - Apr 10, 2020

Joel; I have listened to your sermons each week since our church does not have such capabilities.
It is wonderful to be able to listen to you share the story of Jesus’s time leading up to his death and how we can relate those happenings to our lives.
Then this coming Sunday, Easter, the day we celebrate a risen Lord!!
We will celebrate together but separately.
Happy Easter to all Christians!!

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