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Serving the Master

It’s Masters Sunday!  Sometimes golf, life, and faith imitate each other.

Learn a little bit about how golf has shaped Joel and his faith and how we as a family can become masters at our walk of faith.



April 15 – Faith in Family

April 22 – Christmas in April, Babel, and oneness in the church

April 29 – Membership Sunday

ByJoel Yeager

I AM I Said

John, in his gospel, quotes Jesus several times making “I AM” statements.  Some of these are self-identification statements of Jesus proclaiming his divinity.  He says in 8:58, “Very truly, I tell you, before Abraham was, I am.”

In other instances, Jesus said “I AM”  (1) “the bread of life” John 6:35,  (2) “the light of the world” John 8:12, (3) “the gate” John 10:9, (4) “the good shepherd” John 10:11, (5) “the resurrection and the life” John 11:25, (6) “the way, and the truth, and the life” John 14:6, (7)the vine” John 15:5.  In these statements Jesus is revealing what he is like, what his purposes are, and attributes of his character.  

These “I AM” statements serve as an invitation to come to know this Great I AM intimately. Join us as we explore the “I AM” in John.

Jan. 7 “I AM – intro
Jan. 14 I AM the bread of life
Jan. 21 I AM the light of the world
Jan. 28 I AM the Gate, I AM the Good Shepherd – Being Sheepy Part 1
Feb. 4 I AM the Gate, I AM the Good Shepherd – Being Sheepy Part 2            (video “Flawless”)
Feb. 11 I AM the vine and you are the branches
Feb. 18 (Lent) – Being Branchy through Lent
Feb. 25 I am the Way, the Truth and the Life (Part 1)
Mar 4 I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life (Part 2)
Mar 11 I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life (Part 3)
Mar 25 I AM the Resurrection and the Life
Apr 1 Easter – A Life In the Victory of Easter

ByJoel Yeager


Adam Hamilton’s book Faithful – Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph will be used as a key source for this advent season’s sermon series.  The familiar Christmas story when viewed from Joseph’s perspective brings us some new insight into our understanding of God.  Why would God choose this man to bring up the boy Jesus?  What would have Jesus learned from this humble carpenter that would influence him as a man?  Come join us as we celebrate the birth of the Christ!

Nov 26 – Advent: Looking back, looking forward, looking inward, upward, and outward.

Dec 3 – Advent Week #1

Dec 10 – Advent Week #2

Dec 17 – Advent Week #3
I forgot to press record!  My notes are here for this week.  And I refer extensively to some thoughts my son-in-law Matt DeLong shared. His doc is here and well worth the read.

Dec 23 – Christmas Eve’s Eve service (7 pm)

Dec 24 – Advent Week #4
Maddie Hicks – Noel 


ByJoel Yeager

Faith, Hope, and Love

Three little words and yet such a wide range of meaning each has.  Powerful words spoken by Paul to the early church.  Join us as we explore each of these and see how they can be applied to our lives as followers of Jesus Christ and his kingdom builders.

Oct 8 – Rally Day and Series Introduction

Oct  15 – Love

Oct 22 – Faith

Oct 29 – Hope

Nov 5 – Spiritual Gifts

Nov 12 – What Can I do?
Shape Assessment (Word)
Shape Assessment (PDF)

ByJoel Yeager

Jesus According to John

Jesus According to John – 

The Gospel of John no doubt has a uniqueness that sets it apart from the other gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  Especially in John, familiar passages when re-read often present a newness to the reader that allows Jesus to be revealed more clearly.  Please join us in  coming to know Him more fully as we explore Jesus according to the “disciple whom Jesus loved” – John.

July 30 – He knew you before, he knows you know and he still loves you!

Aug 6 – Light and Life (part 1)

Aug 13 – Light and Life (part 2)

Aug 20 – John 3:16 What’s the big deal? (part 1)

Aug 27 – John 3:16 What’s the big deal? (part 2)   (video)

Sep 3 – Water to Wine 

Sep 17 – Storm Sandwich: The miracles of feeding 5000 and walking on water

Oct 1 – Stinky Man

ByJoel Yeager

You just can’t make this stuff up!


Some stories in the Bible have a strangeness about them that when encountered on our time simply have a comical bent.  We are going to explore several of these passages and find how God, who invented humor  and laughter, uses some of the strange predicaments of our humanity to reveal himself and draw us to him.  Join us for a few laughs as well as an opportunity to see our great God at work.

June 18 – Philip, a charioteer, and a leopard -skinned cocktail hat.
June 25 – Big Money Fish
July 2 – Mary and Joseph lose God
July 16 – Ahab, Baal, and mocking Elijah (part 1)
July 16 – Ahab, Baal, and mocking Elijah (part 2)

ByJoel Yeager

The Holy Spirit Sermon Series

The Holy Spirit sometimes seems to be the neglected one of the Trinity.  We speak and teach of him less than the Father and the Son and therefore hinder our relationship with God.

This five-week series is to explore the Holy Spirit and to come to know him more fully through Scripture and experience.

Is the Church missing out on the presence of God?  Is there an incompleteness in the walk of the followers of Christ because they simply have forgotten they are walking with the Spirit of God?

May 7  The promised person.

May 14 Gaining Strength in the Spirit

May 21 Led by the Spirit

May 28 Fruit of the Spirit

June 4 Gifts from the Spirit


June 11 – LARRY SCHUH, guest speaker


ByJoel Yeager

The Shack

Pleasant Chapel will have a special series based upon the movie and book The Shack.  The sermon series will begin Sunday March 12th and continue through April 9th.  There are several copies of the book in the church if you would like to borrow one to read.  The movie premieres March 3rd and show times and locations are listed below.

I think it would be great to get groups together to go see the movie.  I think also this is a wonderful opportunity to invite friends to the movie and then to church for this series.



Mar 12 Where Is God When I Need Him the Most?
Mar 19 How Does God See Me?
Mar 26 Trusting God’s Promise
Apr 2  How Can I Know the Heart of the Father?
Apr 9  So You Just Let Him Get Away with It? (sorry, Joel messed up the audio)

The trailer can be viewed here.

April 16 Easter Message (another botched audio by Joel!)
April 23 What is Baptism and Membership all about?

ByJoel Yeager

Daily Bible Series


Several at Pleasant Chapel have committed to reading this book in 2017.  That is very exciting!  We are going to use the scheduled reading as a guide for the next few Sunday messages.  The over-all theme is “Developing a People”. We will begin as Genesis comes to a close and then follow along with the story of Israel as she grows into the nation God has called her to be.

Jan 22 – Kind of a Dysfunctional Family
Jan 29 – Egypt’s Exit
Feb 5  –  How shall we worship
Feb 12 – Journey: Faith or Fear?
Feb 19 – Moses’ Farewell Tour
Feb 26 – Feasts and Offerings
Mar 5 – Cursed Bodies on a tree and Lent

ByJoel Yeager


Creeds, Confessions, Affirmations. Churches for years have recited creeds and other declarations of faith as part of their practice of worship.
Many have memorized creeds as part of a confirmation class or membership class. What are these creeds, where did they come from and what does this have to do with what “I believe”? Let’s take a
few weeks and talk just about that! We will revisit creeds Jan 8 and Jan 15 – believe me! Hope to see you there.